Structured Style, an organizing & moving assistance company has been in business since 1998.  Nancy the owner of Structured Style holds a bachelors degree in business management.  She started the business with a passion and a strong desire to make a difference in peoples lives and to help them become more productive on a daily basis.  Structured Style also offers small business consulting.  What makes Structured Style unique?  Nancy provides one-on-one rapport to all clients.

Structured Style offers free consultations with every inquiry.  Flexible work time schedules are offered and can include days, evenings and weekends.

Organizing is offered in the home, home office and corporate office. Moving assistance is provided in three parts - declutter residence so the home can be put on the market for sale - downsize entire residence and pack all personal items - help unpack and set up new residence.  One or all three phases may be purchased.  Small business consulting is provided to assist companies with start-up issues and to assist with growth potential.

Take some time to review the additional information to see what Structured Style can do for you.  For any additional questions or to schedule a free consultation, you can call Nancy at (585) 223-0929 or via email at  

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